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At Wings Leather Goods Sdn Bhd,

we carry a wide range of quality suitcases, at everyday low prices. For all. For less. Our main products cover backpack, luggage, small bag, travel accessories, winter apparel, etc.

We constantly reinvents itself, exploring innovative designs to cater to the changing habits of the modern traveler. We believe travel can be light, functional and stylish. We are relentlessly sourcing and trying new material in our products to guarantee the optimal functionality.

Wings is the place to visit for all your shopping needs.


Arnold Palmer

The world famous professional golfer, is the first athlete to parlay his success in sports into a lucrative corporate empire comprising of Designing Companies, Golf Courses, Clubs, Retail, and Charities.

The Arnold Palmer Brand Logo is an opened, multicolored golf umbrella in four colors, red, yellow, white and green. It is one of the most recognized icons around the world.

The Arnold Palmer name has been strong in the retail of shoes and clothings, particularly in Japan. And now, in line with the concept of sports and travel, a versatile range of travel goods have been produced under the brand.

Synonymous with the sporty image of the brand, several travel goods, such as wheeled suitcases, wheeled executive cases, document cases, duffles and backpacks have been produced in both 840D Jacquard Nylon or Canvas, for that surdy, outdoorsy look.


Gardini is an Italian brand name developed since 1999, for the manufacture of travel goods comprising of a wide range of business and document bags, wheeled suitcases, notebook bags, executive cases and wallets.

Since incorporation, some classic products have been revamped in new shapes, colors and materials. Several innovative approaches to design have been made whilst maintaining quality workmanship. New product categories will also be introduced.

The use of classical quality leathers for Gardini products has been extended to mix and match with durable polyester or canvas for the “in-trend” look.

The range of Gardini Travel Goods are widely available at Duty-Free Shops in KLIA, other airports and duty-free zones in Malaysia, and also in main departmental and retail shops in the Klang Valley.


In 1980, three young surfers from Southern California were trying to decide what to do with the rest of their lives. They decided to start a cookie company named Maui’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, but their little business venture didn’t last long. When they burnt their first batch of cookies, they turned their attention to designing fashions for surfing and active sports. Maui and Sons became an instant hit!

And the cookie? It became an inspiration for the Maui and Sons logo. Inside, you will see elements representing the earth, sea, sky and fire. It’s a celebration of the power of nature and a tribute to the amazing creativity in everything from Maui and Sons.



Ever since we started in 1976, we have been on the quest for making our unique brand of luggage better. Though the design roots can be traced to London, today we are a truly international brand with presence in over 50 countries and four continents, with regional offices in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Hong Kong. Technical innovation and constant upgradation are the things that make our range distinctive.

Our new collection is an attempt to satisfy the needs of modern travel by being lightweight, colourful and fashionable; while being in touch with the traditional travel values of having a secure transfer of belongings and more than sufficient packing volume. With this fundamental blend, we hope to be able to meet the expectations of today’s traveler in a meaningful way. Because our mission is simple: to make travel a pleasurable experience.


Gear up for winter with ODEGARD. Shop a wide selection of winter clothes and winter wear accessories for the whole family – mens, ladies and kids.

Rainer Active

Rainer Active is an Italian brand name developed since 1999, for the manufacture of travel goods comprising of a wide range of business and document bags, wheeled suitcases, notebook bags, executive cases and etc.

Travel Sentry Standards

Travel Sentry creates and manages standards that improve travel security in cooperation with government security agencies, airlines, airports and the travel goods industry.

Recognized and Accepted

Travel Sentry® Approved locks are officially recognized and accepted by the US Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in the U.K.

Used Wordwide

The Travel Sentry luggage security system is in use at hundreds of airports around the world. The system has been implemented at every U.S. airport including overseas territories such as the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, and Micronesia.

How it works

Travel Sentry® Approved locks and luggage enable airport security officers to open luggage for physical inspection when required without the need to cut off or break open locks. This means that passenger luggage can be left securely locked for the entire trip and not delayed or damaged for security inspection.

Travel Sentry does not manufacture locks or luggage and does not sell any products. Rather, Travel Sentry sets the standards for this system in cooperation with governments and partnership with the luggage and lock industry. Travel Sentry manages the system for participating governments and provides the necessary tools, training and ongoing support.